At Pizza Cottage, we envisage to fetch flavor and essence to the life of people & fill it with quintessence as well as zest. We believe in rallying around with people to be at their service in their special moments and to make memories serving the best savoring pizzas.

You’ll not find the kind of taste and flavor that we encase in our pizzas and you’ll never settle for anything less than our delicacies. The kind of crusts and base we serve our customers with a acknowledged and accredited around the world.

We are a renowned name and we will prolong to thrust the cloak to build exquisitely flavorful and mouth-watering experiences that are indeed worthwhile.

We have paramount experience in constructing delectable   recipes and break new grounds to proffer our customers with memorable experiences that they can share and go halves in. We endeavor       to be existing and build mysteries while creating flavors for our customers to relish.

Excluding the first tier cities, there has been an alarming increment of OSR in the second and third tier cities. It has helped small cities where getting food on time isn’t hassle anymore.

From get-together parties to day-out with girls , from family dinners to birthday parties, we cater all such fantastic memorable events and rally around creating such beautiful moments.

We pledge to our customers that our flavors will always be feast-full and our base-crust will always be the best thing which is incomparable.